Data management for passenger counting systems

DILAX’s proprietary data management system ensures ease of display and evaluation of passenger count data measured and recorded by the DILAX passenger counting system or a third-party system.

Your advantages

The DavisWeb Mobile data management system is independent of operating systems and is multi-user capable. It is able to combine several indicators, for example passenger and trip counts, and offers numerous advantages:

  • secure operations even under heavy peak load conditions
  • broadly automated routine tasks
  • exact assignment of passenger count data even after network and schedule changes
  • variable output of base data and statistical analyses
  • multilingual display and documentation.

DILAX is the only company offering a system which subsequently and completely automatically assigns the passenger count data to the correct trips and stops. It also allows the automatic transmission of reports on traffic statistics to governmental statistical agencies.

Passenger count data can be accessed and analyzed at any time

The DavisWeb Mobile data management system is a purely browser-based Java application and is thus suitable for use with any operating system. Passenger count data can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Data are displayed in user-defined, freely configurable tables. Results can be presented numerically or in defined categories.

Learn more about Examples of Applications for passenger counting systems in the public transport sector.


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