Applications of passenger counting systems in the public transport sector

Subways, trams, buses and trains: more and more public transport authorities around the world are relying on the customized passenger counting system solutions offered by DILAX for fleet management.

Innovation for ACT Reggio Emilia in Italy

Since 2008, the vehicle fleet of the Italian public transport company ACT Reggio Emilia has been equipped with a DILAX passenger counting system. The system includes carefully designed passenger management and allows ACT to analyze passenger information in terms of individual trip, line, time frame, region, etc. In turn, this allows ACT to optimize its strategic measures and planning. According to the ACT project leader Stefano Morlini, this innovation is unique in Italy and has enormous value as a reference project.

Catalonian railway company FGC

The railway company FGC - Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya is the fourth largest provider of public transport services in Spain. In 2009, FCG commissioned its first vehicle with a DILAX automatic passenger count system and passenger load analysis system.

Ethernet system for UK rail operator

In 2008, a DILAX passenger counting system was put into operation on the high-speed trains run by National Express on the East Coast Inter City line. Installation of the Ethernet busses in the trains ensures the DILAX passenger count components can communicate with each other. Passenger count data management is carried out via DavisWeb Mobile. During the entire project DILAX cooperated closely with Interfleet, a service company commissioned by National Express for project management.

Subways of Vienna Public Transport

Recently, Vienna Public Transport began using DILAX passenger counting systems in its subways. Following successful test operation, DILAX was commissioned to carry out the project by Vienna Public Transport. In total, 20 of the company’s vehicles will be operating with slave-based passenger counting systems.

Other interesting Examples of Applications of passenger counting systems in railway stations can be found in Public Facilities. For example, the outfitting of subway stations in Lausanne, Switzerland or the platforms of Canada Line in Vancouver, Canada with passenger counting systems.

Around the world, many other transport firms, retail industry companies and public facilities trust the people counting systems provided by DILAX.

Learn more about our solutions for people counting the fields of Public Facilities and the Retail Industry.


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